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VIDEO | Quiet Storm – Miri Ben Ari | Download


“Quiet storm is dedicated to all the strong and beautiful girls/ladies out there. Claim your power and just be you!” Miri Ben-Ari sets up her anticipated upcoming album, with curly hair, tie & grillz..playing hard, Hip Hop violinist gangsta style. Considered to be the pioneer of this original style since her Apollo debut and Universal album “The Hip Hop Violinist” she returns with a Hip Hop violinist anthem featuring the voice of legendary hypeman Fatman Scoop. Miri would like to thank “Quiet Storm” team: manager and executive producer Josue Sejour, Director Avi Ben Zaken, music producer Doron Plascow, video producer Antonio Salume. A big shout out to all the amazing talents in this video: Sophy Zhao, Dozje Brown, Sarah Hilado, Alexandra Tzou, Victoria Kuang, Zaire Michel, Aesha Waks, Victoria Vikstrom, JoiLynn, Marcus “Zebra” Smith, Yshay Scahcher, Franklin “Gin” Chen, Xander “Mimik” Wright, Sean Buttimer, Shayan Farooq, Katia Hroncich and Mariajose Ortiz.