Learn How to get a Male baby or Female baby


The followings are some factors that may increase risks to get a male / female baby , accordingly to Toni Weschler’s research and supported by scientific studies. BUT  we can not guarantee that it could happen but for sure with evidences saves and help.

So you’re more likely to have a boy if…

  • You have sex on your peak day (the day you are most fertile) or the day after. Your peak day usually occurs the day before you ovulate or the day of ovulation itself.
  • You use artificial insemination (AI), as the procedure is usually done as close to ovulation as possible.
  • You’re younger. Younger men generally have a higher sperm cell count, increasing their chances of a male sperm cell reaching the egg, while younger women have more copious, alkaline-quality cervical fluid, which also favours the conception of boy.


You’re more likely to have a girl if…

  • You have sex 4 to 2 days before your peak day.
  • The male has a low sperm count. It could occur naturally or due to certain factors such as heat, particular drugs and toxic substances which kill many male sperm cells, according to Shettles.
  • The male is under stress. Men with careers that subject them to environmental stresses, such as a shift in atmospheric pressure, varying oxygen tension, possible radiation, or even excessive scrotal heat from tight-fitting clothes, are more likely to have girls as their fragile male sperm will not be able to survive the stress.
  • Stress from one’s personal life can also result in low sperm motility.
  • You use in vitro fertilisation, as researchers speculate that more female sperm cells are capable of surviving the stresses of the procedure, which can be quite rigorous.



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