Management of Malaria in Pregnancy

Malaria in Pregnancy

Malaria is an infectionof blood caused by a parasite usualy being transmitted by a Female Anopheles Mosquito.

The followings are symptoms of uncomplicated malaria in pregnancy

History of fever lasting a few days



Joint pains

Feeling cold or Shevering

Loss of appetite

Nausea , Vomitting , Diarrhoea

Also May  PRESENT , the followings

SEVERE Anaemia


Changing some behavior { hallucination}


Bleeding tendecy

Pulmonary Oedema

Hypoglacaemia <2.5mol/l

Hyperparasitemia >1000 Asextual parasites / 200WBC

The followings are  ways to Overcome Malaria in pregnancy

Take bloody smear to test for malaria parasite

Give Quinine tabs 10mg / kg PO every 8hrs in 7 consecutive days

Give PCm 1 gm / 8hrs for 3days

If Lsb work reveal has Malaria DONT give Alu when in 1st triamester and Quinine is CONTRAINDICATED.




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