Management of Hypertension in Pregnancy

Hypertension in Pregnancy

Hypertension is a condition where by blood pressure BP 140/90mm.hg OR higher , also when two occasions atleast 4hrs apart  eleveted Systolic BP > 30mm.hg , Diastolic 15mm.hg

The following are symptoms of Hypertension

Elevetion of systolic BP 140 – 160 mm.hg

Elevetion of Diastolic BP 90 – 100 mm.hg

Proteinuria up +++

The following are signs of Hypertension

Two reading of diastolic BP 80 – 100 mm.hg taken 4 hrs apart

Pretibial OEDEMA

   The following Management of  Hypertension

Encourage mother to get enough resting

Stop hard jobs

Give methylodopa 250mg tid for 7days

ENCOURAGE drinking plently of water

Consider REFFER.





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